The Awakening (2020)

'The Awakening' (2020) is another work that depicts struggle within the mind and body induced by a sense of alienation and despair.

Through talks with peers and tutors about the image of a steel vessel emerging from a structure and busting open with light, I arrived at Michelangelo’s ‘Slaves’ series, and the story of Prometheus and the Fire of Knowledge. Interestingly, Marx sees the story of Prometheus as an act of reform or rebellion; I see it as a symbol of our internal struggle and the potential emancipation of our species from an unsustainable structure--the dissemination of fire equating with initiating an awakening from a long slumber.

side view

utilised darkness

play with shadows

cast shadows


play with light

plinth with power

rear view different lighting

concrete plinth with steel pipe 

wire and foam

mould for concrete plinth

curved ply

back bracing for mould

experimenting with stand ideas for centre piece

shadow casting experiment in back garden

garden fabrication

photoshopped proposed idea compared to the actual sculpture in position


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