Wings, Clockworks (2019)

The Wings sculpture had a lot of interest through the summer of 2019 but I wanted to be able to use their power in my final year degree show. I felt that they are part of my artistic story. 

With this in mind I thought about trying to exhibit them somewhere until the degree show started, not just for safe keeping but, to show them show them rather than keeping them hidden away.

I walked into an refurbished, industrialised restaurant which had been a steelworks/smithery and felt completely at home there with all the stripped-bare steel handrails and doors, bare-brick walls and steel fabricated furnishing and best of all decent German beer.

I was able to talk to the assistant manager and show him images of the sculpture. He put me in contact with the owner and we then came to an agreement and I was able to install for as long as I needed.

this is the designated wall 


My fitting skills helped me hang the wings in position once we had established a suitable space for them.

The work was fitted on the wall that seemed the safest. it was positioned so that it would hard to interfere with the pointed feathers at either end once the table positions had been rearranged.

Later on through the year the seating hadnt been rearranged and as a consequence people were injured by them. This has taught me that it could of been a costly installation for the establishment an myself if the customers hadnt been so understanding which, is why insurance should be made an important investment.

These events made me think about repositioning the wings in an attempt to restrict any contact. Corks were used as a temporary measure but i did design another wall rig to hang them in a safer position.
This curved tube is an old hammock stand and would help position the tips closer to the walls making sure there was little space to get around them. it also gave the wings a different, more interesting formation.

The foods great here too


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